Orange Wine - white wine made with contact with the skins, often giving it an amber / orange colour - has been made for thousands of years and is enjoying a revival at the moment. These are two beautiful examples.

Ordolia is made from Pinot Gris in the Loire by our friends at Bonnet-Huteau: only around 2000 bottles are produced, with skin contact for a month before being aged in concrete eggs with no addition of sulphur dioxide. The wine is supple and ample, with spicy notes from the Pinot Gris. One of our wines of the year.

Lune Rousse is from Domaine Camille Braun in Alsace, and is made from Gewurztraminer with two weeks of skin contact before being aged in large, old barrels for 6 months. You know it is Gewurz as there are obvious varietal characters there but it has a beautiful savoury edge that marks it out. A truly complex and profound expression of the grape.

These are beautiful wines.

Price includes one bottle of each, delivery and a gift box.

Fine Orange Wine Box