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Element Wines was started in February 2018 by Simon and Steven to import wines we love from small estates we have visited over the years. Our producers work organically, biodynamically and sustainably to make wines with a sense of place, as well as respecting the land from which they come. Chemical use is minimised – or in some instances, done away with altogether – in both the vineyard and the cellar.

Our wines can be found in many of the best restaurants in the UK and special selections of them are also made every month and delivered to our wine club  customers.

We like wines which are bright and characterful, alive and vibrant. We don't work with massive, heavy or over-oaked wines that can overwhelm you. Ours are exciting wines, that go well with a great meal, but most importantly, taste amazing!

Between the two of us we have more than forty years of experience in all parts of the wine trade and have tasted a few bottles…


Simon likes elegant, ethereal reds and dry Rieslings (well, any Riesling really).


Steven likes turning the cooking of a simple meal into a two day odyssey involving wine and records.

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